# Product Feed

The main purpose of the Product Feed is to provide edrone with information on the availability of products in your shop. The feed can also be helpful in:

  • checking the regular price of the product
  • assigning categories to products (one category per product)
  • exceptional, single-use fixing of problems during integration in, for example, changing product names

Technically speaking, it is a xml file with a very specific structure. The feed should be in one of the standards we support. We will cover this later.

The file must be generated automatically by the backend of your store at least once a day. You provide it to us in the form of a url to a file. Eg: https://my.shop.com/gmc-feed.xml. Your store hosts this file. If you do not know how to set up this file in your store, ask the technical support of your shop platform or your developer. It is crucial that you do not block access to a file from specific locations, eg. selected countries. In addition, you shall not block access to the file from various IP’s within some time margin.

NOTE: edrone will not accept files that are:

  • not in form of url, eg. send by email
  • not in one of defined standards (see below)
  • from a url which required authorization
  • password protected
  • not available to download worldwide
  • with a mechanism which blocks downloading the file for several hours from different IP’s
  • the only accepted encoding is UTF-8
  • with particularly extensive product descriptions, which cause the files to become very large (> 100 MB)
  • you can include unavailable products with the right flag in the Product Feed, but this is not recommended as it extends the feed processing time