# Page Caching

Edrone JS code sends personal data (email, first name, last name, phone, city, country, etc.) to edrone servers. In order for the script to have access to personal data it is typically rendered in the page code, example:

window._edrone = window._edrone || {};
_edrone.app_id = '789d7d6ddfdf';
_edrone.version = '1.1.20';
_edrone.platform = 'Magento';
_edrone.platform_version = '';
_edrone.email = 'john@smith.org';
_edrone.user_id = '1234';
_edrone.phone = '0123456789';
_edrone.first_name = 'John';
_edrone.last_name = 'Smith';

It is critical that e-commerce platform DOES NOT cache pages containing this data as it may inadvertently publicly show personal data belonging to another user.

Please make sure configuration of your caching mechanisms (full page caching, Varnish, etc.) takes into account the above.