# Privacy policy

# Field: Email

If email field is passed in the event we use it as unique identifier of the customer. This applies to events originating from browser as well as server-side.

# Field: c_id

This is a unique identifier generated by edrone JS script. It is stored in the browser local storage and passed in the event. If available we store mapping "c_id"-"email" so that we can uniquely identify customer based on "c_id" only in future events. This applies to events originating from browser only.

# Identifying Visitors

# Cookies

Name Domain Usage Expiry Set By HttpOnly Secure
ccid edrone.me, api.edrone.me Unique visitor identifier. 100 years Server (trace, open, email_click, push_token_query) No No
e_dv_$(app_id) api.edrone.me Used to calculate unique daily visitors statistic. Only presence counts (value is discarded). Daily at midnight UTC Server (trace) Yes (since 2017/07/11) Yes (since 2017/07/11)
fp_ccid shop Unique user identifier. Used in First Party context. 60 days (first time), 180 days (on update) JavaScript No No
fp_sid shop Allows to track visitor or customer session until the browser is closed by them. Session JavaScript No No
edrone_popup shop Used to manage state of the pop-up (how often it should be displayed) Custom (shop decides) Javascript No No
edrone_push_widget shop Used to manage state of the push widget. It works as a snooze button, i.e. if widget is configured to auto-open, it says how long it should stay closed after user clicks “Close”. 24 hours Javascript No No
push_action_type_$(url) *.edrone.me Used to cache subscription state for push notifications (register/deregister) 1 hour Server Yes (since 2017/07/11) Yes (since 2017/07/11)
PHPSESSID control.edrone.me, admin.edrone.me Session identifier for the PHP application (Mission Control and Admin). Session Server (Mission Control, Admin) Yes (since 2017/07/01) Yes (since 2017/07/01)

# Local storage variables set by edrone

Name Usage Expiry Notes
cId Unique user identifier. Not a real HTTP cookie but works just like First Party cookie. - Local storage variables are set independently for HTTP and HTTPS under a shop domain. This acts like a First Party cookie. Historically it was the first mechanism used by clients.
recommended_data Include user actions history(represented as JSON format), based on edrone API events. - -

# Cookies set by other companies

Name Type Domain Usage Expiry Set By
AWSELB Cookie (3rd party) *.edrone.me Assigned by ELB for load balancing purposes. Session ELB
_ga* Cookie (1st Party) edrone.me Google Analytics Per Google policy Javascript
intercom-id-* Cookie (1st Party) edrone.me, control.edrone.me Intercom Per Google policy Javascript