# Push Domain Configuration

Default push domain is a subdomain of edrone.me, unique to each client e.g. 55e01cbdc61f8.edrone.me

Edrone clients have two options to change it:

  1. The first option is to change the subdomain part only, e.g 55e01cbdc61f8.edrone.me -> mystore.edrone.me. In this case we do not require additional configuration on client side, please contact our support to set it up.
  2. The second option is to change the whole domain name, e.g. 55e01cbdc61f8.edrone.me -> push.mystore.com. To make it work we require valid SSL certificate issued for the subdomain, i.e. push.mystore.com. Certificate key length can not be longer then 2048 bits (e.g. 4096 bits will not currently work). After receiving proper certificate from you we generete you a unique "URL ADDRESS" which must be added to your DNS records:
    Name: push.mystore.com
    Type: CNAME
    Value: URL ADDRESS