# Troubleshooting & Testing

# Event Monitor

To check your integrations, use the Event Monitor tool available after logging into Mission Control, which you will find in the settings, under the 'Integrations' tab. Using it, you will be able to see which events and when they were uploaded to your account, as well as check the contents of each individual event. In addition, you can see which events have been rejected by our system and the reason for the rejection.

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# Browser developer tools

# Events

To check the content of the events, go to the Network tab and filter out the phrase 'trace'. When you refresh or navigate to another page, an event should appear in the developer console. To check data enlisted for events, open the "payload" tab

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Make sure that the events are visible in the event monitor. The data validation process takes place after the events are uploaded to edrone.
You will find the invalid event in the 'Trace Rejected' column.