# Types of recommendations

Go to Mission Control -> Marketing Machine -> Live settings to select type and priority of your onsite frame recommendations:

  • collaborative filtering: analyze the customer's behavior and recommend products that are liked by other customers with similar preferences;
  • basket analysis: when the client is on a product page, recommend products co-purchased with the product;
  • complementary products: configure product sets matched to the product and display them when client is on the product page. The matched product could be set via the product feed. See the relevant section in the documentation;
  • bestseller: show products most often purchased in your store;
  • newest products: show products that have recently appeared in the store. We recommend using a product feed to have an up-to-date product catalog for your store.
  • recently viewed: show products that the customer recently viewed. Use the TTL for product view to control how old product views take into account;
  • recently added to cart but not ordered: show products that the customer recently added to cart, but not ordered. Use the TTL for add to cart and TTL for order to take into account only specifc date range;

To have basket analysis and complementary products working, add this script on pages where you want to use it. Notice that the "product_ids" field is automatically filed on every product page.

<script type="text/javascript">
  window._edrone = window._edrone || {};
  _edrone.current_product_id = '${product_ids}' // use "~" or "|" sign to separate values from each other if you want to send more then one product id